~You Know Nothing~

I am studying to be a conservation biologist and think that the natural world is something humanity has taken for granted over the years. These are just some of my thoughts on conservation, living with wildlife and anything that comes to my mind.

Caught this guy today. My first really large snake. He is a Black Rat Snake, the largest of Missouri’s snakes. This guy was about 5 feet or roughly 150 cm. As scary as he may seem these guys are completely harmless and non venomous. They are great for pest control. Without them farmers would have a much greater problem keeping the mice and rats off their crops. Fun fact: though totally harmless these (and many other non-venoumous snakes) will rattle their tails, usually against leaves and the like, to mimic a rattle snake and try and scare predators off. When I grabbed this guy he did it to me.

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    I love seeing stories like this where people aren’t irrational and fearful. Thanks for being decent :)
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    That’s so adorable! Glad you didn’t hurt it either and thanks for the info. People need to be educated more on these...
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